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institute of Chinese academy of sciences established the graphene research and development as the main research direction, and at the end of day in the developed area graphene film manufacturing process.Two years later, the hospital successfully in the laboratory developed the domestic first 15 inches of monolayer graphene films.Industry experts said at the time, this will bring mobile phones, computers and other electronic products manufacturing epoch-making change.There is the "magic" of graphene for what? Chongqing institute of micro-nano manufacturing and system integration of the Chinese academy of sciences research center, deputy director of https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20150706174448AA6n9k4 the Shi Hao fly said, graphene is a thin china graphite film of single atomic layer of carbon atoms, is considered to be the world's most thin, light transmittance, the strength of the graphite suppliers largest, best can be used as a core part of the preparation of graphite material suppliers answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20150706174448AA6n9k4 new type touch screen material -- a transparent electrode.Andhttp://blog.yuniti.com/blog/graphite_manufacturers_instead_of_tin_doped_indium the thickness of the graphene film is only 0.34 nm, the diameter of a human hair is approximately equal to the thickness of the graphene layer stack up to 100000.At the same time it can guarantee the high conductivity and good flexibility. "From the point of these advantages, graphene is especially suitable for popularization and application in the electronic information industry, huawei, samsung, zte, and other enterprises are now focus on its research and development progress."Shi Hao fly said. The birth of cutting-edge scientific research achievements, make the industry capital soon smell the potential business opportunities.Subsequently, funded by Shanghai nanjiang group, chongqing high purity graphite institute of Chinese academy of sciences to provide intellectual property rights and technology, the common form of ink and technology co., LTD. Chongqing arises at http://pmhelpline.com/natural-graphite-producing-one/ the historic moment, specialized development, production of graphene film raw materials. At the end of 2013, the company large single layer graphene film production line running jinfeng industrial park in chongqing high-tech zone and