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lace traditional some applications of carbon materials, the first try in many areas;And "high culture" is based on its superior physical properties and has a relatively high-end applications, to ensure our leading position in the field of graphene.Therefore, must develop the phases of short-term, medium-term and long-term development goals, according to China's industrial and industrial base planning and gradually promote the development of industry of graphene. Finally, to make good use of market in the allocation of resources and decisive role.From the china graphite analysis of patent data, China still faces scientific achievements conversion rate is low, low enterprise participation ills, universities and https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20150712204912AAV2SD1 enterprises in China patent application proportion is 75.7% and 19.4%, the proportion is 33.2% and 33.2% and South Korea.In terms of university and the proportion of enterprise cooperation, China is http://highpuritygraphitesuppliers.obolog.es/and-to-graphite-material-suppliers-form-team-2392914 0.8%, South Korea is as high graphite manufacturers graphite machining as 12%.Graphene obtained recognition is the main industry and market, to market the "touchstone" to give the objective evaluation, also can let the research and development and investment more directional.Although at present the mainstream of several advantages and disadvantages of each technology in graphene preparation but make good use of the market in the allocation of resources and decisive role, concentrationhttp://www.postanads.com/ads/increase-rd-investment-graphite-suppliers/ of funds and manpower to one or two with exemplary role on the industry application of the future development of graphene is crucial. From the actual situation in our country, from simple to complex, improve the occasion, purposehttp://www.noivosfera.com.br/profiles/blogs/institute-graphite-suppliers-of-microsystem and plan, by stages gradually promote the commercial application of graphene, and then in the related fields of global graphene and obtain and maintain competitive advantage in the market.National planning and support, industry coordination and cooperation and the rationality of the peripheral market, is the key of graphene industry healthy and orderly development.At present, the low cost of macro market opening of preparation and the downstream application has