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ion configuration principle, according to the demand of industry guide on the allocation of resources to the deep processing of resources advantage enterprise tilt, to enterprise tilted in favour of graphite industry development mode change.Graphene has excellent mechanicalhttp://pmhelpline.com/graphite-manufacturers-2/ properties and electrical properties, with this new standard, can be targeted for substrate materials, make graphene better play to its performance.In general, graphene after contact and substrate materials tend to lose some of its original performance.Physicists from lehi research center recently put forward a kind of standard, graphite material suppliers according to this standardhttp://www.x3erp.com/node/1311 scientists can be targeted to look for suitable graphene substrate materials.By joint efforts, they can prove that, the substrate material on electronic properties of graphene can simply by the influence of structure parameters to predict.Relevant papers published in the journal physical review letters.Graphene is only one atomic layer thickness, but its hardness is higher than diamond, conductivity than steel and silicon, these is the graphitesupplierschina.tripod.com reason why people in-depth study graphene, but so far the use of graphene is limited to the lab.The main task is to find suitable substrate material, no substrate material, the usefulness of graphene will be greatly restricted. Francois, said: "we just want to find a feasible parameter, can be used to compare the difference of different substrate directly."Lehi Peter?Berg green association (PGI - 3) physicists and helmholtz postdoctoral explained that "decisive standard is the graphene layer and the underlying substrate atom distance between the parameters".Van der Waals radius refers to the size of the atoms in a free state, so the strength of the interaction between graphene and the substrate can china graphite be directly from http://voipshoip.com/?p=347646 the distance between the http://graphitesupplierschina.tripod.com/ two calculations.Scientists of the Max Planck institute in Berlin graphite suppliers fritz haber institute of computer simulation and confirmed the results. X-ray measurement results In Oxfordshir