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tion."Lu Gongbin said.Graphene graphite suppliers is a basic construction unit of natural graphite, spin out the graphite become a single graphene layer is key step to realize large-scale application.If can china graphite not restore it in the liquid phase of high efficiency stripping, and can be stably dispersed in the solvent kiwibox.com/xrdgraphite/blog/ concentration, will not only can simplify the process, also can effectively solve the graphene large-scale storage and transport problems in preparation and application. Recently, the project group put forward a fast and efficient water stripping, and new graphite machiningtechnology, to realize the scale preparation and application of graphene provides effective solution.The stripping process is carried out at room temperaturehttp://www.x3erp.com/node/1393 under normal pressure, can be achieved in a few hours of graphene's thorough dissection, basic does not involve highhttp://www.kiwibox.com/xrdgraphite/blog/ temperature operation. According to http://michaelkors666.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/07/23/180831introducing, stripping process is using all the cheap conventional reagent, which makes the final preparation of graphene costs even lower than the high quality of conductive carbon black.Stripping of graphene not only has good structural integrity and film conductivity, but also in content graphite sales are lower than those of carbon black filled achieve better http://michaelkors88.myblog.it/2015/07/23/domain-china-graphite/ conductivity.At the same time, the stripping of graphene can also be very high solid content to form water paste or filter cake, which can be easily again evenly dispersed in aqueous solution and does not occur.This greatly made graphene storage transportation and preparation technology of cohesion and downstream products, shows the excellent market potential applications. Lu Gongbin said for graphene in the composite materials and the application of energy storage materials, its microstructure and performance control is also a very important link.The team since 2008 engaged in graphene composite materials research, has been in graphene surface modification, graphite manufacturers interface structure optimization, lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, dehydrogenation catalyst series progress was made in aspects and so on. The t